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Continental International Trading Co. is an international trading and joint venture in (PBS Co.), with a head office based in (Paderborn) Germany and specializing in areas of Financial, Consulting, Management, International trading, Shipping, Chartering Maritime Transport, Logistics, Export and Import.

Policy & Management

As joint venture company under professional management, we work on policy of business development, corporation, innovative solutions, competency and successful institution to perform and evolution a proficiency, premium services for the market and clients needs.

Our Mission

To continue the success with a lot of hard work and continuous within the framework of joint cooperation and to create innovative solutions and easy ways to serve multinational business activities and expand the horizons of the work with all the PARTNERS, which leads to reach the advanced and required level to maintain this success.

To perform individual and steady trading bases and relationship with major manufacturers, producers, distributors, exporter and importer companies in the entire worldwide combine with experience, efficiency and knowledge with provide integrity and trust to present a diversity of services for the market to complete and reach high level of quality of business.

Our vision

innovation vision and enthusiasm is the starting point for every company to realize excellent and unique rank in every field of business, As well outstanding and hardly work in all our divisions to increase the advantage for all business partners by leading and trustworthy corporation for obtaining common objectives for all parties who is participated in the commercial interchange activities all over the world.


The company strategies is to enhance and develop the relationship and link within the multinational commercial society and maritime transport by performing and providing excellent services as there is a strong relationship between the industry and commerce, this circle will be complete, sustain and by the maritime transport.

Joint venture partners

Expertise and Specialties

- Business Development
- Creative vision & solutions
- Sales, Purchase & Marketing
- Strategic Management & PLANNING.
- Supply Chain Management
- Negotiations & Agreement
- Financial Statement
- Cost Reduction
- Mergers & Acquisition
- Organization & Leadership
- Confidence & reliability

Business Activities

- General Financial & Management Services
- International Trading, Export & Import.
- Distributors – Wholesales – dealers.
- Luxury, Exotic & Adjustment Cars
- Automotive (HCV – LCV– SUV – PC – Vans – Pickups) New & Used.
- Heavy & Construction Equipment & Machinery
- Suppliers and Dealers of (OE – AM) Spare parts
- Automotive Technology & Instrument
- Automotive Batteries (Our brand)
- Green Energy
- Photovoltaic solar power
- Maritime, Sea Transport, Shipping & Logistics

Continental INTERNATIONAL Trading Co. (CIT – Europe)

International Trading – Chartering & Brokerage – Maritime & Sea Transport – Logistics – Exporters – Dealers – Automotive (HCV – LCV – ATV)
Luxury Cars – Adjustment Cars – Spare Parts – Automotive Batteries – Heavy & Construction Equipment
Machinery – Automotive Technology & Instrument – Green Energy – Photovoltaic Solar Power